Case Studies

DelAgua Group
Earthood during their first-time engagement with the client, learnt that the much complex cook stove project in Rwanda had multiple issues of poor data representation which eventually led to lower emission reductions reported than actual, resulting in a low cash flow, non-viable business case for the Project Owner. This was sorted with heavy and in-depth technical assessment by the audit team. The Project Owner continues to place their trust with their multiple other projects in Earthood.
Climate Secure Services
Being the consultants for a large and wide-spread safe water access and clean cooking project in 2 countries of Africa, Climate Secure had faced delays on the auditing front before they reached out to Earthood. The young and energetic team took up the assignment and delivered the final verification report in record time – just 5 weeks from the date of sharing the monitoring report. The Project Owner has now booked Earthood for all their verifications for several monitoring reports for the entire year in advance, just to make sure that the audit teams’ speedy deliveries are ensured for longer.
AERA Group
Managing a large portfolio of projects tends to get complicated at times. Same was the case with AERA Group who had a bunch of projects and a band of auditors to be working with. They weren’t always able to communicate or get a response from the audit team for each of their requirements in a timely manner. Earthood stepped in and ensured a maximum of 24 hour turn around time for each of their queries, emails and calls. Decisions were taken quickly resulting in proper clarity of the progress of each project and weekly action tracking. The auditing world was no longer a black box for the clients.