Energy Efficiency Services


Our Green Building Services offers the consulting for securing various certifications for the buildings which are high performance structures and meet certain standards for reducing natural resource consumption. The building or structures which are efficient in terms of water, energy, material, waste, restoration and enhance the protection of health and indoor environmental quality, can be categorized as ‘Green Buildings’. US Green Building Council (USGBC) established LEED in response to a perceived need that specific and determined standards and third-party verification be required in order for structures to be considered “green,” or environmentally friendly. LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a certification program focused primarily on new, commercial-building projects and based upon a points system. Acquisition of LEED status can require significantly higher upfront expenditure on the part of a corporation or builder, but also may yield massive cost savings over time in the form of state and local tax breaks and higher rents as well as other perks. ESPL team of consultant helps its client in high performance building consulting, energy modeling and building commissioning. The skills and experience of our diverse staff help the companies identify and implement the most cost effective and environmentally-responsible green building stragegies.

ESPL helps its client to carry out the energy audit which is the first step toward systemic efforts for conservation of energy. It involves collection and analysis of energy related data on regular basis and in a methodological manner. The audit of energy consumption is a specialized process. It takes thorough knowledge and expertise in multiple fields to estimate design, commission and performance monitor projects for energy conservation. Our energy auditors identify which areas in your establishment unnecessarily consume too much energy, where energy is being consumed and assesses energy saving opportunities, which is the most cost-effective to improve, so you get to save money where it counts the most. ESPL offers the following services;

  • Walk though or preliminary audit
  • Detailed energy audit
  • Input and output energy audit
  • Cost benefit analysis