Core Team

Dr. Kaviraj Singh

Managing Director

Dr. Kaviraj is a motivator, leader and innovator. He has rich professional and research experience of more than a decade in the field of waste management, climate change and environment. In the past, he has been responsible for heading and scaling up the Climate Change Services of an Indian entity (DOE) and contributed to make it globally competitive in terms of quality and commitment. In addition, he has worked with one of the leading inspection/testing/certification body in the world as an active member of its climate change team in UK. He has successfully audited more than 150 GHG (CDM/JI/VCS/GS) projects in different countries across the world. He has a proven record for establishing and developing the customer trust and delivering the high quality services. Dr. Kaviraj obtained his doctorate degree from a premier institute, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi & also published number of research articles/papers in peer reviewed international journals of environmental engineering.

Ashok Kumar Gautam


Ashok Gautam is having rich and diverse industrial consultancy and auditing experience in the field of cleaner production, energy and waste management, management systems put together 12 years. He is recognized for his sharp observations, diverging skills and analytical abilities to identify the problematic areas. He believes in sharing of knowledge and likes to lead in solving the problems through team work. He has worked for almost 3 years with Central Pollution Control Board, a regulatory authority, in the field of Ambient Air Monitoring related studies. He has consulted more than 50 SMEs in North India in the field of cleaner production, energy and waste management while working for GIZ for 4 years. These industries included textile, paper, automotive, agro based (confectionery), electroplating and dyeing. He has been involved in audit of more than 200 GHG projects (CDM/VCS/JI) across the world in Middle East, South and South East Asia and Latin America while working for two DOEs.

Abhishek Mahawar


Abhishek is committed, rationale and out-of-the-box thinker. He has rich professional and practical experience of assessing the financial viability of the projects related to renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste related technologies across the world. He is one of few GHG auditors who is at equal ease when it comes to apply the experience of GHG auditing or utilizing in-depth financial expertise. He already has, under his belt, more than 150 GHG projects registered with UNFCCC/VCS/GS, while working for a leading DOE based in UK and one in India. His passion is to develop and find commercially sustainable ways to address the energy and environmental challenges the society/industry face today. Abhishek holds B. Tech. (Chemical Engineering) from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and Post Graduate Degree in Management from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.

Sanjeev Kumar


Sanjeev is one of the leading professionals in the field of energy and environment in the country. He is a certified energy auditor from Bureau of Energy Efficiency under Ministry of Power and has got vast experience in energy audits of various industries and commercial buildings. Starting his career with energy audit and designing of furnace for oil-fired to briquette-fired boiler, he got very well acquainted with CDM, VCS and GS validation and verifications. Sanjeev was involved as an auditor in some of the initial CDM projects in the country. He was responsible for managing the climate change business of South East Asia pacific region for SGS India Private Limited. Along with GHG audit, he also contributed to PAT baseline audit in 2012 and PAT verification in 2015. Being a chemical engineer and having exposure to environmental field he managed environmental field monitoring, EIA, environment due diligence, risk assessment, industrial hygiene and green building services.