Climate Change Service

Anthropogenic pressure on nature is making it difficult for the earth to regulate itself. Resulting effects are seen in the form of climate getting varied on a large scale. With triggering factors, such as a rise in GHG emission due to various techno-developmental processes, there is a need to look at the changes we are doing and conserve the natural resources. We at ESPL provide a range of services in the field of climate change. Our experts guide you in getting verified through the various organization and help you get the maximum out of your environment led conservation projects.


Clean Development Mechanism was started by the United Nations under which CDM executive board issues certified emission reduction (CER) for projects which are registered under CDM and verified by the DOE (Designated Operational Entity) under the rules of the Kyoto Protocol. ESPL is accredited 'Designated Operational Entity' (DOE) under the CDM. ESPL has qualified professionals with an experience of over 15 years in the field of auditing of GHG projects under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), and Gold Standard (GS). Senior management in ESPL has handled more than 150 GHG projects individually in different capacities all over the globe. We provide both validation and verification services of CDM, at a very competitive price.

For projects which aim at reducing emissions, adopted on a voluntary basis and achieving objectives outlined in the Kyoto Protocol, We provide validation and verification services for them. Our team has undertaken numerous VCS projects all over the globe under varied sectoral scopes. We aim at making the process of validation and verification simpler for you yet effective.

The Pilot Auction Facility is an innovative pay-for-performance instrument that will use auctions to maximize the use of limited public resources for climate change mitigation while leveraging private sector financing.

Our validation and verification services extend yet to other voluntary programs such as Gold standard. The projects should be adopted on a voluntary basis and should contribute towards achieving the objectives of Kyoto protocol. With our expertise and experience, we deliver in time and show a high degree of competence.

SOCIALCARBON is a Standard developed by the Ecologica Institute that certifies emission reduction projects for their contributions to sustainable development. Earthood is in under assessment of being an approved verifier for Social Carbon Standard.

Want to know your carbon footprint? We calculate it for you and let you know how carbon intensive are you.Whether it is a product, process or individual, we do it all. Increasing sensitivity of industry towards being green requires you to know the exact impact a product or a supply chain might have on the environment. An ESPL expert will also assist you in developing CO2 reduction goals and the corresponding action plans or projects that will help meet those goals.